Susan Honning
Founder and Owner
Texas Staged Homes, LLC
Accredited Staging Professional, IAHSP

Phone: 512.297.9931
Fax: 512.246.7383


I would like to take the time to introduce myself. If you are considering working with me it is important that you know who I am. I am enthusiastic, detail-oriented, highly driven, creative and have an extreme passion for decorating.

I have lived in the Austin area for 34 years. I have two amazing children. My son is an Electrical Engineer in Austin and my daughter is a BioMedical Science student at Texas A&M with a focus on veterinary medicine. I am one of the original three Accredited Staging Professionals in the Austin area. I obtained my degree in Court Reporting, spent six years in the Court Reporting field, and then ventured into the corporate world. I held various positions as Office Administrator, Office Manager, and Executive Assistant. I assisted CEOs and Presidents of various Austin high-technology companies for 12 years. Shortly after I learned that there was a career in home staging, I left the corporate world. I have always been interested in interior design so I took a leap into the field of home staging and interior redesign. My entire life I have been intrigued by how individuals place their furnishings. When visiting anyone’s house, I would always rearrange their furnishings in my mind and think, “it would look so much better this way”. I never imagined I would be making a living actually implementing my passion through home staging, but I am!

I am not like other home stagers. I don’t just sparsely place mismatched furniture in a room. Everything I add has been carefully selected according to interior design, color scheme and scale of room. What I produce is something you would see in a magazine or a model home. I have a unique way of turning an “average” home into a showstopper. My goal is to create a beautiful, inviting space by using quality, updated furnishings that follow a distinct style throughout the property. My statistics are proof that my staging works. Most properties sell in less than 4 weeks after staging. Moderately priced properties oftentimes get offers the day after staging. If that isn’t proof that my home staging techniques work, I don’t know what is. I am a member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) and have served as the Treasurer and Public Relations Officer for our local Austin Chapter.

I am one of the original three Accredited Staging Professionals in the Austin area. I have staged upwards of 2,000 homes over the past 13 years, resulting in thousands of homes SOLD. There is no greater reward than helping my clients sell their largest asset in a short amount of time. I look forward to helping you reach your goal of transforming your home by using my skills and talent as a seasoned home stager