1. Verbal Consultation and Bid
  2. Consultation with Home Evaluation Report
  3. Staging Occupied Homes
  4. Staging Vacant Homes
  5. Interior Redesign


This personalized consultation is designed to give you information you need to best showcase your home. We will point out everything in your home that needs repairing, replacing, updating, cleaning and/or needs to be removed. This type of consultation is very popular and is less than half the cost of a consultation that provides a Home Evaluation Report.
First, we will schedule a time to assess your property, inside and out. This process will take approximately 1-2 hours, depending on the size of your home. When we visit your home we will do a thorough walk through of each room, take digital “before” photographs and will discuss the pluses and minuses. We provide on-the-spot verbal staging recommendations and an action plan to prepare your home for sale. We highly recommend each homeowner be present during this consultation because of the amount of valuable information that is being presented. After the consultation we will prepare a bid to stage your home and e-mail to you within 24 hours.

CONSULTATION FEE: $85-300 (depending on size and location of home)


During this consultation we provide the same information we provide in the Verbal Consultation but is designed for those individuals that do not want to take detailed notes and would prefer to have a written evaluation prepared for them.
The comprehensive Home Evaluation Report will provide a room-by-room detailed list of everything the homeowner should do to prepare their home for sale and will also provide a description of the modifications and changes we will implement to make your home look more appealing.



After we have consulted with you and you have made the modifications that we recommended during our visit, we will then stage your home. Staging is the last step just before listing your home. This is the time when we put our creative talent and experience to work for you! Our team will spend 1-2 days in your home repositioning your furnishings (i.e. furniture, accessories, artwork, mirrors, lamps, linens, silk plants, etc), and, if needed, will supplement your furnishings with furnishings from our inventory. We may spend hours staging just one room to make sure everything is creatively and strategically placed. The end result is a home that resembles a “model” home.

STAGING FEE: Approximately eight-five cents $.85-1.25 per square foot

A warm, inviting living space is much more appealing to potential buyers than a cold, empty house. An empty house looks smaller and there is no place for the eye to land except towards any blemish in the walls or floors. In most cases a buyer will poke their head into a room, then just walk on by. Staging the vacant home is so important. It keeps the buyer’s attention on the property's potential.

We offer a FREE consultation for vacant homes. We can visit your property or you can e-mail us photos. Once we have reviewed the space, we will recommend which rooms need furnishing. Often we focus on the main rooms such as the living rooms, kitchen, dining rooms, master bedroom and bathrooms. Our inventory offers a variety of home décor items including furniture, framed art, mirrors, silk plants, area rugs, bedding, decorative towels, dishes, lamps, linens and decorative accessories. Vacant home staging is our specialty. For each project our goal is to transform the empty property into a stunning and memorable “model” home.

STAGING FEE: Approximately $1.25-1.40 per sq foot


An innovative alternative to traditional Interior Design, Redesign utilizes the furnishings and accessories already in your home to create a fresh new "designer" look for a fraction of the price.
By strategically rearranging and repurposing your existing items, we can create a space that accentuates the architecture of your space by highlighting existing focal points and creating new ones. Instead of shopping for new furnishings and accessories to complete your space, we will “shop” your home for additional furniture, artwork, and accessories that will enhance the look of your newly redesigned area.

FEE: Quoted per project